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Gheyath Nasrallah

My laboratory is located in Zone 4 of the New Research Complex (H10 building) at Qatar University. Our foremost research focus centers on infectious diseases and serological diagnosis and. Moreover, the lab is equipped with cutting-edge technology, catering to a diverse array of research domains. These include (i) Environmental and biomedical applications of novel nanoparticles and chemicals using bacterial, yeast, and cell culture models and (ii) in vivo functional studies, including toxicity and functional genomics using zebrafish animal models. The laboratory’s journey has been adorned with successes, as evidenced by the numerous grants we have secured. Esteemed sources such as the Qatar Foundation have granted us different types of funding, such as NPRP, PPM, GSRA, and UREP, empowering us to push the boundaries of knowledge. Qatar University’s unwavering support, exemplified through Internal Collaboration Grants and International Research Collaboration Co-Fund, has nurtured our pursuits. The WHO and UNESCO recognition of our work has further solidified our position in the global research landscape.

Our strides would not have been possible without the generous support of distinguished diagnostic companies in clinical laboratory diagnosis. Mindray, Snibe, Abbott Diagnostics, Euroimmune, and MP Biomedical have provided invaluable funding assistance and collaborated closely, infusing real-world relevance into our endeavors. The lab comprises a dedicated team, which includes 3 Ph.D. students, 3 MSc, 4 undergraduate students, 2 research assistants, and a lab manager. Over the past five years, our collective efforts have led to the publication of approximately 150 original research and review articles published in highly recognized journals by the scientific community, such as New England Journal of Medicine, Nature Medicine, Nature Communication JAMA, Lancet Infectious Diseases, J. Travel Medicine (WHO), Vaccine, IJID, Nanomedicine, Environmental Science: Nano, Total Science Environment, Toxicology Report, etc.


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